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ISI Papers


16. Surleac M*, Czobor Barbu I*, Paraschiv S*, Popa LI, Gheorghe I, Marutescu L, et al., „Whole genome sequencing snapshot of multi-drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae strains from hospitals and receiving wastewater treatment plants in Southern Romania.”, PLoS ONE 15(1): e0228079, 2020. [PMID: 31999747] *IF 2.776 


15. Mihaela Georgiana Mușat, George Mihai Nițulescu, Marius Surleac, Aristidis Tsatsakis, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Denisa Margină, „HIV‑1 integrase inhibitors targeting various DDE transposases: Retroviral integration versus RAG‑mediated recombination”, Molecular Medicine Reports, 20(6):4749-4762, 2019. Review-Article [PMID: 31702817] *IF 1.851


14. Yuhang Zhang, Tat Cheung Cheng, Guangrui Huang, Qingyi Lu, Marius D. Surleac, Jeffrey D. Mandell, Pierre Pontarotti, Andrei J. Petrescu, Anlong Xu, Yong Xiong, David G. Schatz, „Transposon Molecular Domestication and the Evolution of the RAG Recombinase”, Nature, 569(7754): 79-84, 2019. [PMID: 30971819] *IF – 43.07


13. Ciubotaru M, Musat MG, Surleac M, Ionita E, Petrescu AJ, Abele E, Abele R., ”The Design of New HIV-IN Tethered Bifunctional Inhibitors using Multiple Microdomain Targeted Docking“, Curr Med Chem.; 26(15):2574-2600, 2019. [PMID: 29623824] *IF – 3.894


12. Eric J. Norris, Wendell D. Jones, Marius D. Surleac, Andrei J. Petrescu, Darla Destephanis, Qing Zhang, Issam Hamadeh, Jeffrey S. Kneisl, Chad A. Livasy, Ram N. Ganapathi, David L. Tait, Mahrukh K. Ganapathi, Clonal lineage of high grade serous ovarian cancer in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1, Gynecologic Oncology Reports; Volume 23, Pages 41-44, 2018. [PMID: 29892687]


11. Kozuki T, Chikamori K, Surleac MD*, Micluta MA, Petrescu AJ, Norris EJ, Elson P, Hoeltge GA, Grabowski DR, Porter ACG, Ganapathi RN, Ganapathi MK, “Roles of the C-terminal domains of topoisomerase IIα and topoisomerase IIβ in regulation of the decatenation checkpoint”, Nucleic Acids Res.; 45(10):5995-6010, 2017. [PMID: 28472494] *IF – 11.561


10. Zhang YH, Shetty K, Surleac MD, Petrescu AJ, Schatz DG, “Mapping and Quantitation of the Interaction Between the Recombination Activating Gene Proteins RAG1 and RAG2”, J Biol Chem; 290(19):11802-17, 2015. [PMID: 25745109] *IF – 4.258


09. Ciubotaru M, Surleac MD, Metskas LA, Koo P, Rhoades E, Petrescu AJ, Schatz DG, “The architecture of the 12RSS in V(D)J recombination signal and synaptic complexes”, Nucleic Acids Research; 43(2):917-931, 2015. [PMID: 25550426] *IF – 9.202


08. Anna Wypijewska del Nogal, Marius D. Surleac, Joanna Kowalska, Maciej Lukaszewicz, Jacek Jemielity, Martin Bisaillon, Edward Darzynkiewicz, Adina L. Milac, Elzbieta Bojarska, “Analysis of Decapping Scavenger (DcpS)-cap complex using modified cap analogs reveals molecular determinants for efficient cap binding“, FEBS Journal; Volume 280, Issue 24, pages 6508–6527, 2013. [PMID: 24119043] *IF – 4.237


07. Ciubotaru M, Trexler AJ, Spiridon LN, Surleac MD, Rhoades E, Petrescu AJ and Schatz DG, “RAG and HMGB1 create a large bend in the 23RSS in the V(D)J recombination synaptic complex”, Nucleic Acids Research; 41(4):2437-2454, 2013. [PMID: 23293004] *IF – 8.808


06. M. Surleac, C. Ivan-Draguţ, D.E. Creangă, S. Oancea, “Complexity investigations in electrographic images of ionic solutions”, Rom. Journ. Phys., Vol. 51, Nos. 1–2, P. 89–96, 2006. *IF – 0.1


05. M. Pintilei, L. Oprica, M. Surleac, C. Dragut-Ivan, D. E. Creangă, V. Artenie, “Enzyme activity in plants treated with magnetic liquid”, Rom. Journ. Phys., Vol. 51, Nos. 1–2, P. 239–244, Bucharest, 2006. *IF – 0.1



Non-ISI Papers

04. Mihai Ciubotaru, Marius Surleac, Mihaela G. Musat, Andreea M. Rusu, Elena Ionita, Paul C. C. Albu, „DNA bending in the synaptic complex in V(D)J recombination: turning an ancestral transpososome upside down”, DISCOVERIES, Vol. 2, No. 1, P.1-15, 2014. [DOI: 10.15190/d.2014.5]


03. Florin Ciobanu, Mihai Radu, Mihaela Moisescu, Marius Surleac, Laura Bajenaru, Tudor Savopol, Eugenia Kovacs, „Electroporation of malignant cells for enhanced uptake of therapeutic drugs”, Romanian J. Biophys., Vol. 17, No. 3, P. 211–217, 2007.


02. C. M. Draguţ-Ivan, M. Surleac, D. Creangă, “Electrical discharge influence on assimilatory pigments in plants”, Revista Ştiinţifică “V. Adamachi”, P. 128-129, 2004.



Book Chapters

01. Surleac MD, Spiridon LN, Tacutu R, Milac AL, Pestrescu SM, Petrescu AJ, “The Structural Assessment of Glycosylation Sites Database – SAGS – An Overall View on N-Glycosylation.”, Glycosylation, Chap. 1, 2012. [DOI: 10.5772/51690]


Hirsch Index: 6

Cumulative Impact Factor: 90.516

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