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Marius Surleac – My Writing Process – Blog Tour

A lot of thanks to the writers Felix Nicolau and Chris Tanasescu (Margento) for inviting me to participate in this great flow of interferences with writers worldwide. They write about “My writting process” on their own blogs: FelixNicolau – Here; Chris Tanasescu – Here.

1) What am I working on?

MS: The first answer I have in mind is “I’m working on all and nothing”. I’m mostly involved in science more than literature, but I try to mix it with poetry and not only, so I could have a peaceful feeling resting in my core. Right now there’s a “work in progress” with my new poetry manuscript – some of the poems here have been published in US magazines mostly. This is a manuscript about family relationships, about communism, about love and death and metamorphoses; a manuscript where I experiment a lot, more than in my previous book Zeppelin Jack. I also: – work on a Romanian poetry manuscript about angels; – am writing a novel; – translate contemporary English poetry into Romanian; – take photos; – and so on.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

MS: I don’t know the answer here. What I know for sure is that I try to put phenomenology into place, to bring logic forth and try to create canvases from the words that come into my mind. I hope that this way the readers get some of the images I want to estrange from me. One different aspect might be the abstract coating I tend to adopt in a slim manner. Felix once said about my poetry from ZJ that he has not figured out yet the poetry genre I should be placed into. Therefore, going like a neutrino!

3) Why do I write what I do?

MS: Because it relaxes me; makes me wipe out all the shit going on in everyday’s life; makes me feel a better individual and grows back my self-esteem (& I’m not being modest here). Shortly, makes my demons cry when they see light.

4) How does your writing process work?

MS: Well, my writing comes from everything. It comes from the faces I see in the bus or at the subway, from the past, from the books I read, from fury and dreams (in the most proper way), from sitting and doing nothing, from stressing my brains out, from riding a bike, from smoking a pot, from mixing Unicum with beer, from phenomena all over the Universe.
Then, it works everywhere. First, it goes away from my neural synapses through electric signals that are transformed into mimics straight to the lips and limbs; then all the way down to the PC or phablet, on my website, on Facebook pages & groups, on paper, on the libraries’ shelves, on open readings, in someone’s mind (& maybe heart), into someone’s joy & anger and in the end … makes its way by its own.

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